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Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

Different Methods of Carpet Cleaning

There are many different methods of carpet cleaning. The big questions are, which carpet cleaning method is most effective? Which is best for your carpet? Which will last the longest? After you read this article, we hope you will have a better understanding of the different types of carpet cleaning available, along with the confidence to choose the carpet cleaning method that will be best for you and your carpets.

Carpet Steam Cleaning

Carpet steam cleaning is a popular way to clean carpets. The process involves using hot water and pressurized steam to dislodge dirt and stains from the fibers of the carpet. The water and detergent are then sucked up by a powerful vacuum. This method of carpet cleaning has two big problems. First, the detergent leaves behind a chemical residue. Second, it can leave your carpets wet for a long time, which can lead to mold and mildew growth.

Carpet Dry Cleaning

Carpet dry cleaning is another popular method of carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning uses chemicals to break down the dirt and stains in your carpets. The chemicals are then sucked up by a powerful vacuum. This method of carpet cleaning has two big problems as well. First, the chemicals can be harmful to your health. Second, they can damage your carpets if they are not used properly.

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing has been around for decades. The process involves using shampoo or soap-like detergent. It is heavily applied to the carpet and then agitated with a machine. The shampoo is then sucked up by a powerful vacuum in an attempt to suck up the dirt with it. Unfortunately, this method of carpet cleaning doesn't clean deeply in the carpet fibers or remove all the dirt and gunk. It also leaves behind a heavy soapy residue, which just makes your carpets dirtier after a few weeks.

Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is also sometimes called chemical cleaning. In this method, a cleaning chemical is applied to the carpet, and a rotating buffer or bonnet is used to scrub the chemical into the carpet. The carpet is then rinsed with water.

This method of carpet cleaning is not effective at removing deep-down dirt and oils, but it can be harsh on carpets and may cause fading or discoloration. Bonnet cleaning is often used as a quick fix for hotels and other businesses that have a lot of traffic on their carpets. Unfortunately, this also means that bonnet cleaning is not a cleaning method that will yield long-term results.

The Zerorez® Difference

The Zerorez® carpet cleaning process is different from each of these other carpet cleaning techniques for the following reasons:

  • We use no harsh chemicals, soaps, or detergents to clean your carpets
  • Our cleaning process is unique and only used by Zerorez®
  • It is 100% non-toxic, green carpet cleaning
  • A cleaning by Zerorez® leaves No Residue® behind, meaning your carpets will stay cleaner longer
  • Faster drying times. Your carpets will dry up to 2x faster than our competitors with our process
  • Detailed preparation. Your Zerorez® cleaning technician will take extra steps that most carpet cleaning companies do not perform and pretreat areas to clean most effectively

If you are ready to experience the Zerorez Difference® for yourself, schedule with us today at Zerorez® Orlando! We look forward to serving you.